Compelling clinical data
fuels our platform

The microbiome:
Essential for health.
Harnessed for medicine.

The microbiome consists of trillions of microbes that live symbiotically in and on every human and are essential to our health. When key microbes are lost, the resulting dysbiosis (microbiome disruption) can increase susceptibility to immune disorders, infections, neurological conditions, cancer, and other serious conditions. We are leveraging our Human-First Discoveryยฎ platform to develop novel therapeutics designed to deliver missing microbes and their clinically relevant biochemical functions to correct dysbiosis and the conditions that emerge from it.

Our Human-First Discovery platform & product strategies

Our platform is fueled by data from human microbiota transplantation studies. These studies involve the transfer of microbiota from healthy individuals to individuals with disease, an area of intense research with hundreds of studies spanning dozens of different conditions. We leverage data from these types of studies, plus machine learning and molecular characterization techniques, to identify conditions where a disrupted microbiome is driving disease and to uncover the key dynamics associated with successful clinical outcomes.

Our platform enables the development of product candidates that deliver diverse microbiome communities to restore broad community function and candidates that contain select microbes targeting specific biological pathways. This combination of capabilities positions us to develop three different types of candidates designed to address different types of dysbiosis that lead to microbiome-mediated conditions.

Complete Consortia

Delivers diverse microbial community to restore broad community function

Enriched Consortia

Hybrid approach to restore broad community function and target specific pathways

Targeted Consortia

Delivers selected microbes to target specific biological pathways


Platform highlights:

Differentiated discovery process, with proof-of-concept clinical data leveraged to guide product design and de-risk development

Uniquely positioned to harness full diversity and potential of the microbiome across diverse therapeutic areas

Leading machine learning-based platform recognized by Takeda partnership

An industry leading IP portfolio

Finchโ€™s platform and pipeline is protected by a leading patent portfolio with significant longevity and broad relevance for the industry.

Extensive, multi-layered
patent protection

  • >55 issued U.S. and foreign patents and >140 patent applications pending
  • Robust protection for lead candidate through 2036

Foundational patents
in the field

  • Priority dates of foundational patent family predate the industry, enabling broad protection for composition of matter, methods of use, manufacture, and formulation claims through 2031

Broad & diverse
patent protection

  • Protection for multiple microbiome product strategies, including donor-derived and donor-independent product strategies
  • Diverse therapeutic coverage, with protection for a wide range of indications of interest

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